Effective and Affordable Mold Remediation


Pure Maintenance is made up of more than 100 independently operated locations nationwide. This means that our revolutionary dry fog, the future of mold removal, is now available regardless of where you live. Not only throughout Maui Island but nationwide. The genesis of Pure Maintenance was with the inventor of its two-part solution and dry fog approach, in Utah over 10 years ago.  Since then Pure Maintenance has become certified by the EPA and FDA in all 50 states. Now more than 10,000 satisfied customers served we are proud to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  A total-cleanse of your business will achieve a healthier workforce due to better air quality. Children in public schools who experience allergies or become sick as a result of microorganisms and their related toxins will benefit from improved health as will anybody in any indoor environment: gym, daycare, clinic or home.


Our environmental abatement Services include a Mold Removal And Remediation.  Air Quality Tests to determine the extent of your mold issues.  Odor Cleaning Services if you are looking to eliminate any musty mildew odors or even cigarette smoke or other persistent smells.  Water Damage Restoration to physically restore your carpet, flooring, walls, and ceilings back to original form mold-free.  We also provide pathogen removal for those that are not only concerned with dangerous molds, as our solution will remove bacteria and viruses and other fungi as well.


Do you have visible mold in Makawao and know you need mold removal services? Or are you experiencing mold-related health issues in Kahului and want a quality air test to verify. We have you covered.  We can take care of your businesses water damage in Kihei, restoring any damage to a like-new state. Looking to buy a new home in Wailuku or Lahaina and the previous owner was a smoker.  While we completely eliminate the smoke to improve its saleability, you will also improve the health of the home.   Live in Hana or own a medical clinic in Wailea-Makena and you want to ensure the health of all those visits, pathogen removal may be the primary interest.

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